Thursday, December 3, 2009

How do I get LIPSTICK out of my hair?

So, I managed to get a bunch of lipstick in the front of my hair (bangs and a little further) up to the roots. I've washed my hair at least three times, and my hair still looks like it's been over-gelled or waxed. Is there any way to get it out?How do I get LIPSTICK out of my hair?
you can use lotion to get it out. get a small amount and rub it thoughroughly through your hair that has the lipstick. then wash with a dish soap, yesa dishsoap, it gets off oil reallt well which is a main ingrdient in lipsticksHow do I get LIPSTICK out of my hair?
There are a few different ways to handle this...rub baby powder into your hair where the lipstick is...the baby powder will soak up the oily base and turn it into a paste, which will wash out easier. Or you can use alcohol. Toothpaste works, but not the gel type. And the easiest way, but you might not have any on hand, is to use mascara remover.
holy s*** hehe tht toaly sux!! ye once i got gum stuk rel rel hard in2 ma frinds is wot hapend..HEHE!! thay helpd mi get it owt tha!! ehhee neways, we jst used a comb nd heaps of water nd soap,, hv no idea its prob dif cuz urs is u cud try get a damp towel nd jst put staind hair between 2 sides nd rub thm 2getha...quikly bt nt roughtly....nd it myt help....gud luk!!! i knw hw bad it can b!!!! hehe xxx
use Dawn
baking soda and dish detergent let it sit on the head for an hour...why did you put lipstick in your hair???????
use dishsoap, any brand

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