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What is one of the better brands of lipstick I can buy?

I love lipstick but there are so many lousy brands out there and I need to know which lipstick brand is the best you know cheaper because I can't afford to wear nasty lipstick. Are there any suggestions out there?What is one of the better brands of lipstick I can buy?
I have tons of lipstick, from Dollar Store brands to Department store brands.

The best one I have, as far as colors, staying power and not drying my lips, is Cover Girl Outlast (I think that's the name of it).

Loreal has great colors, but it smears too easily.

M.A.C, also has stunning colors, but it chaps my lips.

Estee Lauder has simple colors, but they last and they don't dry your lips.What is one of the better brands of lipstick I can buy?
id have 2 say mabelline
I like lipstick from Estee's super smooth.
I am a makeup artist and I use a comapny called Christi Mar Cosmetics. They have a wonderful selection of lipsticks and lip glosses. It an all natural product. It stays on for a long time. And the color doesn't run or bleed. They have a ton of colors as well. You can find them on
maybelline, revlon, cover girl and mac work well. my aunt uses them and it lasts her all day.
If you want the regular type sold in pharmacies,

I think anything Revlon or Loreal is great.

Lipstick isn't a complicated thing to make, and most brands have good choices. It just depends on the color and consistency. Like a lot of brands nowadays are comming out with very moisturizing formulas that feel like lip balm. Those tend to be smoother

The older, regular kinds are more waxy.

There's also long lasting lipsticks that come with a white base coat or some sold in liquid formulas.. depends for what occasion

When you see samples, try some on and figure out what kind of consistency you like.
try revlon they are so smooth and feel great.
CoverGirl, Maybelline are pretty good brands and not too expensive either. You can get it from your local Rite-Aid or other stores that have a cosmetic section. Hope I helped.
MAC is a good brand

Is it legal to go to voting station wearing nothing but high heels and lipstick?

Would it be a proper exercise of my First Amendment rights?Is it legal to go to voting station wearing nothing but high heels and lipstick?
only if you are a pigIs it legal to go to voting station wearing nothing but high heels and lipstick?
you forget the rights of the people that don't want to see you naked. It would be very illegal and you'll be arrested and never get your chance to vote so it's up to you.

Women that use pretend views to show that their wild aren't really wild just pathetic. There are better ways to make changes and show your political views, but that's not what you're interested in is it? No wonder it's hard to be taken seriously as a woman in politics when there are women like you pulling this kinda stuff.
whoo... that would be risque... I hope you don't get arrested for indecent exposure and then labeled a sex offender... that would suck.... :/

I wouldn't tell on you though... I wouldn't look either... but hey... do what you will.
Whatever floats your boat:) lol But I don't think the cops will be too happy and you'll be getting thrown in jail for indecent exposure so you gotta think is it really worth it?
It wouldn't be legal, but you could probably sway some voters toward your candidate before you got arrested.
it would defiantly be illegal but it would be interesting to see if they let you vote before they arrested you

You go girl. You will probably be the life of the Party. Democrat for McCain/Palin 2008.
don't let the curtain around the booth get caught in your crack, and you'll be fine. exercise your rights, girl!
No. Public nudity is illegal.
As long as you don't have a bumper sticker on that says McCain or Obama, yeah.
Go for it, people with your intelligence would deserve what came next.
Shows how intelligent you are about laws.
If you look anything like your avatar, I think it would be legal.

I would love to see it happen... lol.
Considering how few people actually vote... I don't think anyone will notice.

It's a shame really.
If you are a Hockey mom it is Ok. Make sure you bring an ID and your voter's card.
Do you enjoy being a man posing as a woman ? Of course you do.
Depends... Does the carpet match the drapes?
is this Gulianni?
Try and find out.
I won't complain. Honest.
Where do you live?

I'll check on it :)

Ummmm...probably not...but let us know when and where you intend to vote!!

What color lipstick is Big Red wearing in the movie Bring It On?

Can anyone tell me what color lipstick Big Red is wearing in the movie Bring It On, when they do the spirit fingers at competition and Big Red is telling her off because she didn't use her stolen routine.


LyndaWhat color lipstick is Big Red wearing in the movie Bring It On?
I would help you but I cant rember what part it is..

Can you go to youtube and find the part and post it on your question so like that i can see it.. That would be helpful for me to give you my advice.

How long should I keep lip gloss and lipstick?

I am doing some major cleaning and noticed I have lip gloss and lipstick for some time. (a few years!) Apparently I forgot I had them. Should I toss them or are they still good?How long should I keep lip gloss and lipstick?
keep them for a year the most or two.. than throw them.. tehy expireHow long should I keep lip gloss and lipstick?
You should keep them for six months to a year. They do expire.
LOL I have a lipstick that I have had for years now but I don't want to throw it because it looks good on me and it does no harm.
As a rule, all make-up has a shelf life of 1-2 years.
well it depends u want em keep em u dont toss em its not tht hard
Yap, just keep them for 12 months then throw them out. :-)
Most makeup has a fairly long shelf life up to a year! However, there are certain things which you may want to consider for replacing it outside of that timeline.

Lipticks and glosses and balms....Have you had a cold? A cold sore?

Eye makeup..........Any eye irritaitons? Styes, pink eye or conjunctivitis? etc.

Face ... Any breakouts? Wounds? Runny nose?

Friends....... (I hope you don't share!!) But if you have, and if your friends have had any of these problems, then those bacteria are growing in your makeup.
You are supposed to throw it out after a year. The reason for this is because it contains a lot of germs that can make you sick or give you an infection. The longer you keep it the more germs you can acquire.

What color lipstick would look good on me?

I have pale/fair skin.

Dark brown hair and dark brown eyes.

I wear bronzer, so my skin is lighter than pale, but not tan or medium.

what color lipstick would be best?What color lipstick would look good on me?
nude/pinkWhat color lipstick would look good on me?
I would do pink, but not a pale pink, like kind of like a peach. Maybe a light red. Even though you may be ';pale'; it still doesn't mean you can't wear red lipstick!
probaly a soft pinky colour, not bright red cuz that looks bad on pale people. it takes away the effort you put on your foundation%26amp;eyes and people stare at your lips.
I think retro red or neutral colours.
i think light pink ir soft pink but i dont know. its hard to imagine
a neutral pink
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  • Does wearing lipstick drain the natural colour from your lips?

    My aunt once said that children shouldn't be allowed to play with adult's lipstick because wearing it will leach out the natural pigment of their lips (I just don't like kids wearing make-up full stop) and said that this is the reason many adults have pale faded lips that need make-up all the time.

    Is this an old wives' tale? If it's true, does it apply to only children's lips or adults as well? Is it only certain kinds of lipstick?Does wearing lipstick drain the natural colour from your lips?
    Usually women who wear lipstick wear it all the time. When they are caught in the morning or at the gym without their lipstick or make-up it just looks funny to you because you are not used to their natural color. Nothing can take the pigment out of your skin except bleach; though most lipsticks have an SPF to help with sun exposure people who don't wear them do not have darker lips comparably, it's just an old wives tale. Hope that helps, have a great week;)Does wearing lipstick drain the natural colour from your lips?
    Yes, it's a tale.

    It has dyes that will temporarily stain your lips.

    If someone where to wear it everyday, then they would begin to think they're natural lip color was gone...perhaps forever.

    When in all truth, this is not true.

    PS. They've found traces of lead in many name brand lipsticks recently. :o
    No. But too much sun exposure will. won't

    How do you find what shade of lipgloss/lipstick looks best on you?

    is there a website with some sort of chart with your skin tone?

    Because I'm fair skinned with a slight yellow undertone.

    I usually just go with an extra shiney clear gloss.

    Thanks for your help!How do you find what shade of lipgloss/lipstick looks best on you?
    go to the mall and ask someone at the makeup counter. they know best =) and shopping for makeup is like the funnest thing ever.. haha so yeahhhhhhhh do that!How do you find what shade of lipgloss/lipstick looks best on you?
    this lip gloss from sephora adjusts to your skin tone for $22

    it's from smashbox and it's called o-glow鈥?/a>

    ooo and here's the same idea in a blush for $26 and it's also from smashbox鈥?/a>
    look good by lips shad
    You have to take into consideration your skin, eye, and hair color, and your personal prefrence. If you don't like to look dramatic, stay away from reds and/or purples.

    You could probably wear gold lipgloss and shimmery pinks.

    Yes, there is. Almost ALL generic brands (Maybelline, Almay, Neutrogena) have on-line consultations on their websites. They're free and really accurate.
    try sheer pink, or even orange.

    because everyone can use nude shades.鈥?/a>

    apricot souffle, crystal clear, or sugar coat

    would probably work best. they're all kind of

    in-the-middle colors. not too light or dark.

    just go to any make up web sites

    they'll recommend make up colors for you to try

    i think you should go with a sheer, light pink gloss that doesn't overpower the color of your light skin
    i would say like go for a light brown color it wont be to bold or to dull
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