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How do you know what lipstick shade is best for you?

I have more unused lipsticks then I'd like to mention. I like to wear shades of red, but my skin tone is so fair that I can never find the right shade. I finally did find the perfect shade but it was discontinued. How do you find the right shade without buying them?How do you know what lipstick shade is best for you?
I went to Merle Norman and had a facial. They matched up everything. I also had fun doing it.How do you know what lipstick shade is best for you?
i'm a gloss girl
Without buying it? Ok. Have a light pink and mix it with a tenny tiny bit of red. The bright reds don't look good on fair skin! I learned the hard way!
when you test them, the skin on the back of your handis meant to be similar to your face tone. i also have every colour but my fave, i use a lip brush and mix and match... i also use a darker lip liner than i need, then blend it inwards with alight or gloss shade. i have a combination which is my fave at the mo...until i buy the next one that isnt quite right!!!!!

i dontt spend more than ten minutes in front of a mirror either so its not a time consuing thing.... hopethis helps!
I'd wear get several test size tubes and ask my friends which looks the best. I trust my friends.
Rub it on your forehead and see if it matches your eyes.
take the lippy with you to a store that sells them then try n mach it up
taking your skin tone int consideration, bubble gum pink, light pink, baby pink, pale pink will look good on you
Try to mix yr favorite colors by all the colors you have.
well, look at your skin colour, your eyes, and your hair. go to a beauty consultant, and ask them what they thing...they;ll be able to test lipsticks on you with out you having to buy them...the stock up, and voila! you'll have a supply of the lipstick that suited YOU!

hope this helps!

and good luck for the hunt for the perfect shade!

If you want to buy a shade of lipstick, ALWAYS dab the shade on your fingertip. Thats the color closest to your lips, and hopefully you won't pick the wrong colors anymore.

I had the same problem, and trust me, this one really changed my life around!! Hope it helps you too.

It depends on your skin tone- fair, medium, dark AND your undertones- red, yellow, blue. For example, I have light/med. skin but I have an olive complexion (with green %26amp; yellow undertones) so someone else with light/med. skin but with red undertones (making your skin look more pinkish) would be able to pull of lipstick shades that I couln't and vice versa.
I would rec. going to a beauty counter at a store, finding your colour. Then buying it from a brand you like!! If you are fair, try a brown raisiny colour, or just a clear gloss!
Go to a department store and try some on, either buy the color there or go to the drug store and find the same color.

Why not you try it into your lips before buy it?...

Im also same with you...

But, before buy the lipstick, Im usually try to apply the lipstick that I choose into my lips....

Just do it my friend..

We are the buyers......
well it depends the shade of ur skin like if ur skin is like white ,then try a color a little highr than that like ,pink or peach...but if ur a little darker try like red,or a hot pink...
You must consider the undertones of your skin. MAC is a good cosmetics counter to shop, and try several shades of red before buying. Look at the color on you outside in natural light, and bring a trusted friend for an honest opinion. You can try reds in different textures, a lip stain, gloss, matte creamy, etc. Good luck!
I don't know if you have Rite-Aid in your area, but they have a policy on make-up purchases -- if you aren't happy you can return it, no questions asked. This is to encourage you to buy when you may not be certain, rather than walk away. They feel that eventually, you will find all of your preferred products and you'll shop exclusively with them. You might want to verify with your local Rite-Aid (if they are in your area) that they abide by this policy before purchasing, but I'm pretty sure it's a national policy. The California stores abide by this.

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