Monday, November 30, 2009

How do you get lipstick stains out of clothes?

already tried rewashing after spraying spray and wash all over everything and then washed with clorox( there were several white pieces by the way) and nothing has worked so far.How do you get lipstick stains out of clothes?
Lipstick Stain Removal from Clothing

You can get rid of lipstick stains by applying some non-gel toothpaste to the mark. Rub the toothpaste well into the garment, then wash as usual.

If this doesn´t work, try using a dry-cleaning solvent. To do this, put the item down on an old towel, apply the solvent and use an edge of the towel to soak up solvent and stain. Launder as usual. If any color remains, try using ammonia and water.:)How do you get lipstick stains out of clothes?
Since you've already washed and dried the garment, you'll have to treat a set-in oily stain.

Try moistening with denatured alcohol (you can find this at your pharmacy) then treat with undiluted dish soap (Dawn works best as a degreaser).
I can suggest this, Soak your garment in cold water . Remove from the water and add a little washing up liquid. Rub the liquid with your finger tips , leave for a min´s then pop into your washing machine on a 40Âșc normal wash. The lipstick will come out this way.This works for all makeup stains , and many others too

Loosen stain with a non-flammable dry cleaning solvent. Rub detergent in until stain outline is gone. Wash in hottest water and detergent safe for fabric.

Good Luck !
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