Monday, November 30, 2009

How to remove lipstick from painted wall?

My little darling thought it would be cute to put some artwork on my walls and I need to remove it. I haven't tried anything yet. I wanted to find the best way to remove it. I think the paint is semigloss acrylic.How to remove lipstick from painted wall?
Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. Blot off as much lipstick as you can first.How to remove lipstick from painted wall?
Glad to hear it!

I don't know what's in those things and I don't care--it's miracle stuff. :-) Report Abuse

wd40 and a little elbow grease should remove it nicely....
Use Windex.
GooGone, best stuff ever!!!!
With the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser....! It works great!
Goo Gone works on just about everything, including purple Sharpie ink which my son thought would make the walls,his stuffed dog,his crib,his sheets,his pj's and finally himself look more like a dalmatian.鈥?/a>

It can be found just about everywhere, Walgreens, Target, etc.
try soda bicarb with a little water. it should foam and wipe off easily.
You can remove it with the help of petrol or gas liquid just sprinkle on it and then clean with a tissue paper it will cleared off dont wipe harshly you may lose the paint

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