Monday, June 21, 2010

What would your reaction be towards a man who wears mascara, lipstick and nail polish?

Not talking about transvestites or drag queens but something more along the lines of the New Wave groups of the early 1980's.What would your reaction be towards a man who wears mascara, lipstick and nail polish?
Speaking as a representative from the '80s music scene, all that stuff was considered ';cool'; in the new wave and hair band crowd. Girls loved it - even me! By the '90s, this style had gone the way of the dinosaurs, but I know several guys in their late 30s and 40s who tried this style - whether they admit it now or not. :-)

Of course, there are always the hold-outs - the guys who kept wearing it as they aged. But they didn't quite, um, have the same appeal. :-pWhat would your reaction be towards a man who wears mascara, lipstick and nail polish?
cool, whats the big deal, we wear jeans etc Report Abuse

I would say that he is probably hot and I would probably date him.

*sigh* I can't believe that people are so simple and narrow-minded. Wearing makeup does NOT make a man a homosexual nor does it indicate ';mental problems';. Educate yourselves.
Um, I don't know. Isn't that kinda normal these days?
My reaction would be, ';Oh, it's a man wearing lipstick, mascara, and nail polish.';

Kinda strange question...Like the two biscuits in the oven. One says to the other, ';Man, it's hot in here.'; and the other says, ';holy crap, a talking biscuit.';

But anyhoo. To each his own.
My reaction would be to run away!
Same as the 80's, would figure that was one weird duck

(sexual orientation don't apply), and not be in any dark

alleys or under a full moon with him.
whatever your personal style is i say go for it or whatever your trying to bring back lol
ummm that he's gay
the New Wave look on guys is hot
Um, black lipstick and nail polish with black mascara would be interesting with certain fashions, I guess, but I still think it's truly strange when I see it.

but any colors and I'd be scared they were having serious mental issues, and I would probably get as far away from them as possible, without them noticing - just in case!

If you've got your own style and are comfortable with it, and with people's reactions to it, than more power to you - or to whom ever you might be speaking of!
I'd think that they were metro-sexuals...
um gay
I wouldn't like it that much
Eyeliner is cool but that stuff is not! :0
I used to think it was sexy when I was a teen goth. Even today, If he were walking down the street like that, it may make me turn my head but that's the only reaction I would have

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